Award Winning Wedding photography

Winner: Wedding photography Award – Fearless Awards – Masters- WPS Excellence Awards

A wedding is one of the best days of your life. This special day must of course also be captured at its best. We are driven, spontaneous, professional wedding photographers who do almost everything for that perfect picture! All those beautiful little details that you have thought about so carefully, but also all those moments without putting anything in scene, casual and creative.

Journalistic, unique and creative wedding photography

Wedding photography is our work and our passion. We understand like no other how important it is to record your wedding day. It is not without reason that the photos of Trouwdag in Beeld Wedding photography have been awarded several times by leading and international wedding photo awards. We always find it special to be able to witness the love that people feel for each other. That feels like a huge privilege to us.


  • Winner Public Award Wedding Photography 2018
  • Top 3 Netherlands/Benelux – Masters
  • Top 50 Worldwide – Fearless
  • Winner of Art of the Second Shot USA
  • Winner Professional Award Wedding Photography
  • 8x Fearless Award
  • 18x Lifetime Master Award
  • 7x Best in Wed Award
  • 3x Winner Wedding Photography Award
  • 14x WPS Excellence Award

TROUWDAG IN BEELD WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY. a WEDDING story with real moments. AWARD WINNING Wedding photography. ROMANTIC, UNIQUE & Creative and ALWAYS Two wedding photographers at your wedding!

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